Grand Under-The-Piano Unfucking


Under-the-piano was my invisible corner. Until … yesterday. It took two days to sort out this fucker, doing 20/10s and reminding myself constantly to take a damn break. They might have become 45/15s near the end. My little basement suite is TINY and we have very limited storage space, so the under-piano was full of boxes… and it turns out, most of those boxes didn’t need to be there.

Bear with me for a few pics, I forgot to adjust the lighting settings so they’re kinda yellow.

Ew. Look at that rug. The cluttered surfaces! ACK!

See those boxes? Far back under the piano? Yeah, those fuckers. I don’t want BOXES to be the first thing you see when you glance at the piano.

Turns out there were some big boxes full of university notepaper and coursepacks. I graduated last summer. It was time to deal with those.

 That is all recycling. That is not even as full as the box is now. Also, you wouldn’t believe the amount of silverfish I found. The vacuum is now my best friend, especially after the dead spider fell in my lap.


And this is a box inside another box and filled with items that would be silly of me to throw away: karate gis (one black, one white), karate belts, a locking doorknob I needed in another house. I don’t have money for martial arts right now, but I’d like to do it again. The purses are leather, and the keyboard is backup. 

 Finally, I got everything out from under the piano. I didn’t freak out too much about the bugs. I vacuumed them up.


 Still a giant mess even if the under-piano’s empty. Le sigh. The discerning eye may notice that there is something there. They’d be right. Our suite came furnished, and formerly we had unneeded kitchenware in three boxes beneath the piano. I consolidated them into one, and shoved it way back, along with a … boom box? Is that what they called ‘em? That also doesn’t belong to us. The lamps (in that pic on the table) also went back under.


 Unfortunately, while the under-piano was clean, the surfaces were…. not.


 So I dealt with that shit! *pant pant* Items sorted, that big box went into our .. uh… sauna. (Which we use as a storage closet.)


YAY clean crafting table and tidy storage desk! I always want to make art more when my surfaces are tidy. The paint bottles are all nestled in a clear plastic dish, so I can move them onto the table with ease. Last year’s calendar is no longer on the corkboard.


Windowsill! Now 20% more tidy! From left to right: my degree, repurposed Quality Street tin of beads, random cup full of beads that need sorting, repurposed Quality Street tin of oil paints, stacked watercolour and pastel boxes, shoebox for pony mod stuff like Apoxie Sculpt and hair, shoebox of assorted jewellery that needs refurbishing, craft and sewing books.

 Last but never least, my desk had everything wiped down and tidied. Due to a lack of drawers, my computer desk always looks a trifle messy. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions? Everything on the desk needs to be there. 

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good about this. Everything does look neater. I wish I had more closets and drawers instead of plastic boxes and tiered desks, but still, I think I did some good work. YAY!

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